Why You Need Premium Workout Leggings

Woman wearing blue premium women’s workout leggings and sports bra, sitting on a workout ball


You get what you pay for in different cuts of meat, locations of a home, and ordinary versus premium women’s workout leggings. You don’t have to debate if leggings are going to be a part of your wardrobe at this point because they’ve already worked their way up to “essential” status. But are you willing to kick it up a notch with premium workout leggings or will you risk it with regular ones?

We’ll share all the top reasons investing in premium women’s workout leggings is worth it. 

Too Sheer or Not Too Sheer? 

When you’re looking for premium women’s workout leggings, the answer is always not sheer at all. Whenever you're shopping for a good pair of leggings that aren’t sheer, try the mirror, light, and squat tests. Let us explain.

The Mirror Test

First, check the mirror to see if you can see through the material of the leggings just by putting them on. Sometimes, if it’s a tighter fit, the material stretches and gives a sheer look simply by wearing them.

The Light Test

If the leggings pass the mirror test, see what they look like in natural light. Sometimes, we can’t trust our own eyes in the dressing room. Testing in natural light where nothing can be hidden ensures you’re not sharing more than you want to with everyone. 

The Squat Test

Finally, try the squat test—the test that truly sets regular leggings apart from premium women’s workout leggings. Squat in the leggings to see how the fabric stretches. While a cheap pair of leggings may get the job done for couch lounging, good-quality premium women’s workout leggings are the only answer when it comes to a workout at the gym and tasks at home that require real movement.

Material Matters

Regular cotton leggings can be cute and fashionable under your fall and winter dresses but beware of cotton leggings at the gym. Cotton isn’t as moisture resistant, and it’s hard to be confident during a deadlift when you’re worried about visible sweat marks. 

Avoid embarrassing moments with better materials. Spandex has an impressive stretching quality, but on its own, it’s a little uncomfortable. Blending spandex with nylon—like this pair of women’s premium workout leggings—produces a comfortable, moisture-wicking, stretchy pair. 

Gray high-waisted two-tone premium women’s workout leggings with white gym shoes


Choosing higher-quality materials and premium leggings also ensures that you steer clear of any rips, tears, snags, and the ever-annoying pilling problem! You get what you pay for with leggings. Investing in a premium pair can actually save you money in the long run because you won’t need to constantly replace your leggings. 

Impress and Compress

An impressive pair of workout leggings is as supportive as a great boyfriend. This support comes in the form of compression. Light compression creates a slimming and fitting look. With premium workout leggings, you can say goodbye to sagging and messing with a folded waistband because everything stays in place. 

But, the real intent behind compression support is more than style and looks. Compression can improve blood flow and reduce swelling, nausea, and the risk of blood clots. So, if you’re looking for a way to help improve your overall performance in the gym, swap out those joggers or regular leggings for a high-waisted pair of premium women’s workout leggings

The Lone Wolf Fitness Promise  

Model wearing a gray sports bra with matching premium women’s workout leggings in a gym


Do you really need premium women’s workout leggings? Only if you want to avoid embarrassing sheerness, you care about durability and functionality, or you enjoy getting a better workout. We know how to do premium leggings at Lone Wolf Fitness.

Get started with a matches-with-everything neutral pair or make a statement with a bold color. Just remember that investing in a quality pair of workout leggings is investing in you and your overall workout experience.

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