Why Choose an Athletic Fit Hoodie?


Black, tan, and gray athletic fit hoodies against a white background

Boyfriends around the world can confirm that the first thing girlfriends steal from their closets is their athletic fit hoodie. The comfort alone makes athletic fit hoodies an easy choice for a variety of things from casual lunch dates to dates with weights at the gym. 

But why choose an athletic fit hoodie?

Today, we’re breaking down the major perks of an athletic fit hoodie and why it should be a major part of your wardrobe—even if you have to hide it from your girl.

The Obvious Benefit of Comfort

Let’s just get the obvious right out of the way and say athletic fit hoodies are incredibly comfortable. They’re built to be cozy like a blanket, and that feeling is why they’re so popular. The most comfortable athletic hoodies are made with a good blend of cotton, like our classic Boss Black Hoodie from Lone Wolf Fitness.

Man putting on the hood of a black athletic fit hoodie

Why is it important to wear comfortable clothes during a workout? 

Well, a good workout pushes you out of your comfort zone. You deal with so many other variables of discomfort; your outfit shouldn’t be one of them. A good athletic fit hoodie eliminates wardrobe distractions and malfunctions (especially for women). In general, a comfortable athletic fit hoodie ensures a smoother gym session.

Benefits of Warmth

Working out makes you hot and sweaty, which is why gyms generally try to keep the room cool. The gym can be so cool that wearing an athletic fit hoodie can accelerate your warming up during your literal warm-ups. Warming up before exercise is critical because it helps prevent injuries. Keeping your joints and muscles warm throughout the workout results in increased blood flow and oxygen, better mobility and athletic performance, and improved endurance levels. So, amp up your warm-ups with the right athletic hoodies! 

Being warm leads to sweat. Sweat turns us into glistening, glowy gym gods and goddesses. Remember the increased blood flow and oxygen we mentioned earlier? All that good blood circulation gives your skin a healthy glow from the inside out. Maybe you’ve noticed that you’ve not just felt but looked like your best self after a workout. This is why!

Not Only for the Gym 

A good athletic fit hoodie is versatile. It doesn’t just have to be for the gym. When the winter months hit, you can layer it under a denim jacket or a pea coat. In those off-weather transition months, you can wear a matching tank under your athletic fit hoodie. You can even wear your favorite athletic fit hoodie on a casual lunch date with blue or black jeans. Yet, most people find the vibe fits best with leggings or joggers.

Hoodies are a closet staple. Your hoodie can reflect a school, organization, or company. Choose a hoodie that reflects your brand and think about where and how you’d like to wear it. 

Find the Best Athletic Fit Hoodies at Lone Wolf

Gray Lone Wolf Athletic fit hoodie against a red desert backdrop

Choose an athletic fit hoodie for comfort, warmth, and versatility. If you’re a mover who gets excited about the endless possibilities of life, the best hoodie for you is from Lone Wolf Fitness. We make it easy for you by giving you three classic colors with functional zipper pockets. See if we’re a fit for your next fit.

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