What Is a Drop-Cut Tank Top?

The back of a man working out his arms at the gym in a red men’s drop cut tank top.

Men’s drop-cut tank tops are a relatively new street fashion trend with origins in the past. Formal tailcoats (think Bridgerton era) in the 1700s had a similar silhouette. Today’s men’s drop-cut tank top is a reimagined and modernized version of that old-school tailcoat. The difference is instead of wearing it to a ball, we’re wearing it to play ball, lift weights, and get swole.

What Does a Men’s Drop-Cut Tank Top Look Like?

Known for its “tails,” a men’s drop-cut tank top has a longer back than the regular front hem, making it look a bit like a tail. It takes the boring look of a plain tank top and gives the outfit more dimension, movement, and style.

All of your favorite influencers have been hopping on this trend – so much so that it’s becoming a staple in everyday wear. This viral fad is here to stay.

Back view of a man in a grey men’s drop cut tank top and black sweatpants.

Top Three Things That Make a Great Men’s Drop-Cut Tank Top

  1.  Look for lightweight and breathable fabrics: Any good tank top should keep you cool; there’s nothing worse than a tank top that’s uncomfortable, thick, and hot. The whole point of owning one is to keep you cool, both literally and figuratively. With that extra length of fabric (or that “tail”) added to the back, the last thing you want is for it to weigh you down. Make sure to choose lightweight, breathable fabrics.

  2. Make sure the fit fits: A great men’s drop-cut tank top is like the perfect girlfriend; it’ll hug you in all the right places. If the fit isn’t right, it’s instantly noticeable due to the atypical hem. The perfect fit should be just loose enough but not too baggy. It will be fitted but not so much so that you’re bulging in the wrong places. Find a tank top with supportive straps and a comfortable fit like this navy blue drop-cut tank top from Lone Wolf Fitness.

  3. Experiment with layering and pairing: Layering and pairing the tank with the right bottoms can create the right look and shape. Avoid bulkiness by pairing the tank top with fitted athletic joggers cropped at the ankle. If an occasion calls for something dressier, tailored shorts or slim jeans could get the job done. You can also layer your tanks under an oversized jacket for the cooler seasons! The possibilities are endless, but it’ll take bold and confident choices to find the right looks.
Man lifting weights at the gym in a green men’s drop cut tank top.

Dos and Don'ts of Wearing a Men’s Drop-Cut Tank Top


  • Work on toning those arms because they will be exposed! This might seem like a given, but these tank tops are meant to show off your muscles. If you’re confident without the muscle, good for you! If that’s what’s stopping you from adding this tank top to your closet, the gym is calling you.

  • Wear your drop-cut tank to the gym, beach, summer festivals, or casual lunch dates. It’s a versatile summer essential that shouldn’t be reserved only for workouts.

  • Add your own style with accessories. Whether that’s a flashy watch or gold chain, you can take any tank top to the next level with a curated selection of accessories.


  • Neglect the unflattering Bs: baggy and bulky. It’s easy to look baggy and bulky if you style your tank top poorly. The tips above will ensure that everything fits as it should.

  • Limit your style. Fashion isn’t only a woman’s world; men and all persons should feel free to try new and different things. Explore different shapes and silhouettes to see what works and what doesn’t.

  • Mistake a men’s drop-cut tank top for formal or professional attire. Don’t get us wrong, you can dress up a tank top, but if the invite is for an in-person interview (if that’s still a thing) or your best friend’s wedding, leave the drop-cut tank top at home and opt for something a little dressier.

Best Men’s Drop-Cut Tank Tops from Lone Wolf Fitness

At Lone Wolf Fitness, we have everything you’re looking for in the perfect drop-cut tank top. From the right fabric and fit to classic colors, you’ll want to add this must-have trend to your wardrobe.

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