The Optimal Backpack for the Gym and Work

Four premium athletic backpacks for the gym and work in tan, blue, black, and white


It’s time to toss out the leftover athletic duffles you used in high school or the obscure makeshift packs that you borrowed from your parents and never returned. 

Investing in a high-quality gym backpack isn’t just for the gym bros anymore. Countless successful people, from Fortune 500 CEOs to entrepreneurs and celebrities, have discovered the undeniable connection between fitness and success. More and more working people are committed to a fitness routine, which makes the search for the best backpack for gym and work priority number one. 


What Features to Look for in the Best Backpack for Gym and Work

Organization and Accessibility

The best backpack for gym and work is going to be a transitional pack with the right compartments. Something that will hold all of the essentials you need it to hold throughout your day. 

Keep an eye out for a dedicated laptop compartment and cup holders. The more compartments you have, the easier it will be to stay organized and take less time sorting through your mess. 

Wet and dry compartments for gym clothes or a towel is a must. Keeping your dirty clothes from your clean clothes separated spares you from doing extra loads of laundry. Keep your work clothes fresh in a dry compartment, especially if you’re a morning workout-before-the-office kind of person. 



Whether you’re carrying the clothes you wore to the office or the joggers and hoodies you plan to change into at the gym, the weight adds up. Your back is getting a workout before you even get to the gym, but not in a healthy way. Comfort is a big factor when you’re looking for the best backpack for gym and work. 

Choose a pack with shoulder padding and back panels with ventilation that can relieve some of the strain on your back during the commute. For even more relief, find a durable and rip-proof backpack that can stand the tough times. 



Don’t judge a book by its cover, unless we’re talking gym backpacks. In this case, please judge. Looks matter. Why? You’re not just taking this bag to the gym. You’re taking it to work too. Opt for something with a sleek design and aesthetic that’s professional enough for the workplace. 

Four premium athletic backpacks for the gym and work in tan, blue, black, and white


Our Favorite Backpacks for the Gym and Work 

Here’s a list of our top three optimal backpacks for the gym and work.

1. GEN 3 BLACK 35L BACKPACK: A solid, black, water-resistant backpack that matches everything and anything. This 17in x 12in x 12in pack is also cabin carrier friendly for your next trip. Whether it’s the gym, office, or airport, this pack is ready for it all. 

Man wearing a black backpack walking outside of an office building


2. GEN 3 WHITE 45L BACKPACK: Larger than the first pack to make this list, the 18in x 12in x 12in Gen 3 White Backpack, gives you just a little more room to add small training tools or your meal prep to your backpack. 

Blonde woman fixing her hair wearing a purple cropped top, leggings, and a white athletic backpack

3. GEN 3 LAVENDER 35L BACKPACK: This beautiful lavender backpack is for the ones who aren’t afraid to be bold and turn heads. 

Kellie S. says, “Love my new (lavender) backpack! Been hauling around a duffel bag for the better part of 10 years and finally upgraded. Fits more than my duffel (weightlifting and Crossfit shoes, belt, straps, chalk, some shower items, with room for more!) and is just plain pretty. Lightweight, well-built, and incredibly functional. It will also double as a fantastic hiking backpack thanks to the chest and hip straps!” 

Two men wearing matching lavender fitness backpacks walking outside of a shop


Shop More Colors at Lone Wolf Fitness

For more durable, versatile, stylish, and weather-proof backpacks for the gym and work, take a look at our collection. Lone Wolf Fitness has your back. 

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