The 3 Best Leggings for Crossfit

A woman squatting with a dumbbell in green leggings, white shoes, and a black sports bra at the gym

The girls that get it, get it. The leggings you wear are as crucial as the actual workouts. And the Crossfit girlies? They arguably know it best of all. If you’ve ever experienced or witnessed the intensity of a deadlift or overhead press, you know that the Crossfit girls aren’t playing.

Invest in supportive leggings that can handle the workouts of all our strong women out there. Here are the top three best leggings for Crossfit from Lone Wolf Fitness.

Perfect Everyday Neutral

With a moisture-wicking blend of nylon and spandex, these buttery soft Black Mascara Leggings are one of the best leggings for Crossfit. Black matches absolutely anything and everything. There’s very little thought that needs to go into your gym outfit when you have this pair in the lineup because it’s a neutral, everyday-wear type of legging.

The material is lightweight enough to move and do all of your routines but opaque enough that you won’t have to worry about anyone seeing anything while you’re doing your kettlebell swings.

The versatility of black leggings is unmatched. Time to go to Crossfit? Wear your black leggings. Friends want to go to the Farmer’s Market this morning? Wear your black leggings. Crush sliding in your DMs and you’re not sure if it’s a date or just hanging out? Say it with us: wear your black leggings.

Review from Carina B.: “I love that it’s not see-through while doing a squat, and the fabric is so thin and comfortable. I can freely workout without feeling so thick in fabric.”

Girl facing backward wearing a matching black sports bra and leggings at the gym

Muscles in Mesh

Personal trainer Harry Smith tells Insider that doing Crossfit is a great way to get toned and lean. These Windsor Wine Leggings do an amazing job at enhancing the shape of the body you’re building.

The material uses nylon, spandex, and mesh panels for extra breathability. These are the best leggings for Crossfit because the added mesh guarantees to keep the sweat away so you can stay cool down there, even with all the hard work you’re putting in. Plus, the color red often denotes passion, power, and confidence. These are three characteristics that truly define what a Crossfit girl embodies.

Review from Izell M.: “Great Fit, Well Made. High-quality material used in these leggings. The mesh inserts make the leggings material breathable and easy to move it. Great purchase and highly recommended!”

Girl facing backward wearing a matching maroon sports bra and mesh leggings set

Happy and High-Waisted

If the support of a high waistband makes you happy and you cherish the functionality of pockets with your leggings, then the Castle Rock High Waisted Leggings are for you. The waistband gives you adequate support to keep everything in without feeling too tight and restrictive. While it’s designed to stretch with you when you’re attacking those burpees, it’s also made to sculpt and lift you in all the right places when you’re just on the sidelines cheering on your community at the gym as well. Like the other leggings on this list, the Castle Rock leggings easily transform from gym leggings to casualwear at any point in time.

Review from Joana G.: “Quality material! It's smooth, comfortable, and will stretch well to every movement!!”

Women’s legs wearing gray workout leggings and white Nike shoes

Best Leggings for Crossfit at Lone Wolf Fitness

Crossfit classes value community. When you show up to your community, Lone Wolf Fitness wants you to move and feel like your best self. Whether you’re looking for the best leggings for Crossfit or premium sports bras, we’re here to help you level up and reach all your fitness goals this year.

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