The 3 Best Gym Hoodies for Men

Three best gym hoodies for men in black, gray, and tan

Did you know the very first men’s hoodies were made by Champion in the 1930s to keep their warehouse workers warm? Hoodies have come a long way and have wrestled their way into our closets for a spot in our everyday wear rotation. 

Date night? Hoodie. Zoom meeting with your camera off? Hoodie. Gym session? Hoodie. 

Lone Wolf Fitness outlines the three best gym hoodies for men that you’ll want to add to your wardrobe ASAP. 

Classic Black

There’s a reason the Boss Black hoodie is often sold out. Every man needs a black hoodie! This slim-fit, long-sleeve design is even more slimming in black.

If you’re fighting to cut weight and haven’t made your goals just yet, this is the hoodie that will make you feel confident until you get there. Aside from giving us that slimming look, black also tops the list of best gym hoodies for men because you can get a good sweat in without the fabric looking noticeably drenched. Stay in the zone without worrying about whether you look like you just jumped in the pool. 

Black hoodies are arguably the most versatile color because you can also dress them up easily, depending on where you need to be. Let’s say you’re playing Call of Duty and totally forgot that you were supposed to meet up with your girlfriend at a fancy restaurant downtown until she texts you “ETA?” 

With this hoodie, there’s no need to panic. Dress it under a leather bomber jacket. Add a dark pair of chinos and throw on some black chukka boots. Rush out the door and she’ll never even know. Order her a dessert and we’re pretty sure all will be forgiven.

Fan Fave Gray

Person wearing the Gravity Gray gym hoodie with their hands in pockets and a shadow across their chest

If you keep a pulse on trends, you know how badly gray sweatpants broke the internet a few years ago. Don’t know what we’re talking about? In summary, hot boys wear gray sweatpants. Not denim. Not white. Gray. We don’t make the rules. It just is what it is. 

So, if you hopped on the gray sweatpants train and already have a drawer full of gray sweatpants, then naturally you’ll need a Gravity Gray hoodie to match them. 

Functional Tan

Man putting his hands into the zipper pockets of one of the best gym hoodies for men from Lone Wolf Fitness

We know what you’re thinking. A hoodie is a hoodie, it can’t be this deep. But, here are the major differences you’ll find when you try the best gym hoodies for men versus the graphic hoodie you got in high school that you just can’t seem to leave behind.

Solid neutral colors like the Terrain Tan gym hoodie can be worn with joggers, layered with tanks, thrown over your favorite tees—anything. The color is neutral and doesn’t scream for too much attention, so you can work out in peace. 

Aside from the versatility, these gym hoodies are functional and built with the fit fam in mind. The cotton spandex blend makes it ideal for all your deadlifts and lateral raises. Plus, the pockets have zippers so you never have to worry about your cards, keys, or chapstick getting lost in transit. 

Get your AirPods in, put your hood up, and suddenly you’re Michael B. Jordan squaring up to fight against Damian Anderson for your legacy. Something about putting up our hoods during a workout keeps us locked in and helps us fight to be our best selves.

Stay Hooded With Lone Wolf Fitness 

Man pulling his black hood up on the best gym hoodie for men from Lone Wolf Fitness

Find the three best gym hoodies for men and other athletic wear that gives you the “leader of the pack” energy. Did everyone already buy out your size? No worries. Subscribe with us and we’ll let you know as soon as we restock. For more high-quality fits that keep you fighting to be your best self, shop Lone Wolf Fitness. 


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