How to Put Together the Ideal Summer Athleisure Outfit

 A woman in a summer athleisure outfit wearing purple leggings and a sports bra

Athleisure has become the dress code for everyone who’s worked from home over the past few years—so much so that even those going back into offices have started to relax their office looks. On top of that, society has become increasingly health-conscious with workout classes and healthy eating options, so athleisure is the new norm.

All of this contributes to athleisure being a staple in closets across the country year-round. During the summer, athleisure outfits make even more sense since fabrics and styles are designed for comfort and stretch. Plus, they dry quickly in the heat. It’s a no-brainer.

So, how do you put together the perfect summer athleisure outfit? Let’s walk through it.

Swap the Sweatpants for Shorts, Tennis Skirts, or Leggings

Pack up the bulky sweatpants and joggers and break out the cooler bottoms. Compression shorts with matching oversized tees are gaining in popularity for a reason. Compression shorts are the perfect pick for a summer athleisure outfit because they’re known to reduce chafing! Pair with a matching tee and you have an easy, everyday fit.

“Tenniscore” is a popular branch of athleisure, which is a preppy, sport-inspired aesthetic. It includes pleated miniskirts often worn on and off the tennis court. You don’t have to be an athlete to give off sporty vibes—these skirts are a good option no matter the activity.

Lastly, if you prefer pants, you can keep the length without heavy, hot fabrics by opting for a comfy pair of leggings. Amy Lu, fashion and celebrity stylist, explains that a pair of leggings should be lightweight and breathable for summer. Plus, she adds that they can help avoid sunburnt legs. That alone makes leggings a smart summer athleisure outfit staple. But leggings can be tricky; if constructed with cheaper fabrics, they can sometimes become transparent in the sun. No one wants that! Invest in a quality pair and never purchase without doing an opacity test first!

A woman squatting over a black backpack while wearing a sports bra and compression shorts

Try a Crop Top or Sports Bras as a Top 

When it’s too hot for a full shirt, crop tops are a perfect shorter alternative. They’ve been a part of women’s wardrobes since the aerobic craze in the 1980s. When a crop top isn’t short enough, a sports bra works, too. The days when bras were only worn as an undergarment are long gone. Pair your sports bra with a lightweight jacket to make a classic summer athleisure outfit. This look works if you’re going to a baseball game, heading to a yoga class, making an Amazon return at UPS, or just going on a “hot girl walk.”

Yes, it’s a thing and we’re here for it.

Don’t be afraid of the midriff; stay cool in a crop top or sports bra this summer and feel confident in your skin. You can go with a neutral color—like black or gray—to match everything and anything, or you can be a little bolder and opt for a pop of color.

A woman wearing a matching red summer athleisure outfit with hands on her hips.


Dress It Up with Accessories  

Maybe the combination of athletic wear and leisure feels too casual for you. If so, you can instantly dress up any summer athleisure outfit with the right accessories.

Take a look at some accessories that can elevate a basic summer athleisure outfit: 

  • Sunglasses with gradient lenses
  • Bucket hats
  • Dainty gold jewelry: necklaces, rings, and/or a watch
  • A statement bag
  • An “emotional support” water bottle
  • Crew-length socks 

Try some of these accessories, just not all at once. Overdoing it may take away from the effortless feel of athleisure in the first place.

Blonde woman facing backward wearing a black sports bra, black leggings, and white tennis shoes


Summer Athleisure Outfits Done Right at Lone Wolf Fitness

Whether you enjoy the fashion or function of a good summer athleisure outfit, Lone Wolf has pieces that are sure to earn a place in your closet. From quality leggings to supportive sports bras, Lone Wolf Fitness athleisure wear comes in various colors, sizes, and styles. Find your perfect summer athleisure outfit before the peak of summer finally hits!

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